Hurley Farms is a small family farm and vineyard with three generations working together to create hand crafted artisan products. With spectacular views of the mountains and rolling hills; our five acre Napa Valley farm is surrounded by neighboring vineyards and a fruit tree orchard. Our farm produces a majority of the fruit used in our jams and jellies. What we don’t grow ourselves we purchase from local farms. We believe in supporting our farmers, and in helping our community by purchasing locally.

How we started

Hurley Farms modestly began nearly 10 years ago. Fruit trees on the farm produced a cornucopia of fruit, and we soon found we had far too much to eat or give away. We had to figure out how to positively use what our trees had produced. Owner and entrepreneur Sheri Hurley decided to make jam; and what started as a hobby became a thriving business. Her first sales came from local craft shows and farmers markets. At the time, a commercial kitchen was rented to handcraft these jams and jellies. It was a challenging time, but with hard work and dedication the business grew. A few years later she added an agricultural/commercial kitchen to the farm, and this is where we craft all of our products today.


Our products are all made by hand in our commercial kitchen located on our property. Jams, jellies, mustards, and curds are made in small batches to give our products their unique homemade taste. Each batch is carefully crafted to ensure every jar is the best it can be. Our flavorful products are made with fresh fruit and absolutely no artificial ingredients. We take the utmost pride in these products, and offer our customers a fresh flavorful alternative to an average store bought product.

The Family Garden

Our small garden has grown over the years. What was initially used to grow food for the family has expanded to what it is now. We grow a variety of summer and winter crops, all available at our farm stand.

The importance of growing our own healthy foods was instilled in us at a young age. We spent many summers helping our grandfather Corrado, in his home garden. We were taught the importance of having a family garden and enjoyed the bounty it produced. We were involved in the entire process from seed to harvest, and learned how to collect seeds for the following year. A skill we put to good use in our garden every season! Our grandfather’s teachings reminded us of the work involved in growing food. At Hurley Farms we have learned the importance of having had family to help us make our farm what it is today.

Family is involved with our business, from farm to table. Family is the foundation of our farm and business.